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Your Business Technology Consultants

Millennial Networks is a Technology Business Solution Company that provides comprehensive IT solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Puerto Rico. We have supported our clients with tailored and trusted technology solutions for over 5 years. Our team of experts are qualified with over 25 years of experience designing and implementing IT solutions for top nationwide Healthcare facilities. Our purpose is to deliver the highest standards and latest technological solutions to all our clients, while providing top quality service.


Over 25 years of experience in the HealthCare Industry


To provide our clients with well rounded IT competencies to optimize their business

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Run Your Business
We Support IT

PMI Certified
We are
certified by the Project Management Institute.

EHR Solutions Certified
We are certified
and knowledgeable
on top EHR
solutions in the

Microsoft Partners
We are in constant collaboration with Microsoft to provide our clients with powerful tools and ongoing support.

AWS/Azure Certified
We are ready to provide our clients with top expertise to help our client build and achieve effective cloud initiatives using Cloud Services.
Happy Customers
Years in Healthcare Industry Expertise
// our services

Our Core Services

Emilia Clarke
Managed IT Services
Our managed services give you a flat rate structure for IT on a monthly basis for effective, top quality support.

Emilia Clarke
IT Project Management
We take care of your IT processes and activities to ensure IT projects run smoothly and successfully.

Emilia Clarke
IT Network Administration
We offer our technical expertise to ensure your company’s network data is always optimized with the latest software’s and equipment.
IT Security Management
Our health care expertise has enable us to offer all clients the most rigid security protocols to ensure that your business data is safe.
Project Management & Consultancy
We support our clients with strategic, actionable plans and implementation to ensure that our clients vision comes to life.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
We provide our clients with thorough assessments and standardized procedures to ensure their business continues to run seamlessly.
Revenue Cycle Management
Our certified coders provide customers with a full revenue and medical billing service.

// our products

Our Core Products

VOIP Telephone
Bundle of optical fibers with lights in the ends. Blue background.
Business Internet
Robotic Process Automation
In Laboratory Scientist Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Sitting in a Chair Interacts with Futuristic Holografic Interface, Showing Neurological Data. Modern Brain Study/ Neurological Research Center.
Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We want to tailor our services
to your particular needs.